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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Indecent Exposure" through Thursday?

TODAY - THURSDAY: Temperatures  will largely be contingent upon cloud coverage. The overall impression is very cool afternoons along and north of the I-4 for several days and warmer to 'varying degrees' mainly from a North Brevard County to North Tampa Bay line and south during the afternoons. 

Continuous northerly flow varying from NNW-NNE could advect cool marine air down the east coast toward Canaveral during the afternoons and warmer elsewhere only a few miles away. Cloud coverage looks to be a big issue up through the first half of Friday before a final cold front swings past bringing a deeper overall drying to the atmosphere over the state at all atmospheric levels.

 Inevitably, the 'dankest' air quality will be right on or near the east coast beaches from Brevard County and north, mainly north of Melbourne or Cocoa Beach , though  much of which is contingent upon individual preferences and tolerances. Overall though, it appears we will be running just a bit below normal, though overnight lows aren't all below normal at all, it will be the afternoons that are in question.

FRIDAY: Though there is a chance of light rains  (mainly North half of state) overnight  late Thursday into early Friday, it appears the moisture depth will drop southward during the early part of the day permitting for a better chance of sunshine most areas by the afternoon, but at the same time, cold air advection will be in swing continuing the prospects for cooler (but not cold temperatures). 

We still might see some lower 70Fs as official forecasts are showing, but along the immediate east coast particularly north of Sebastian Inlet or Melbourne Beach this becomes much more speculative considering ocean temperatures are running in the mid 60Fs if not cooler right now north of the buoys near the Jetty at Cape Canaveral 9 which is at 65F this morning).  It's usually colder on the near shore waters north of the Cape toward Daytona and Ormond beach for example by several degrees. Any wind coming off that water accompanied by cloud cover will inevitably be very cool feeling.

BEYOND: Warmer over the weekend with near normal temperatures more assuredly.

GREAT BEYOND: Nothing beyond the norm for days to come, and no 'sig' prospects for a concerted effort to produce large or even mediocre measurable rainfall totals is foreseen for the next 8 Days as of this morning.  Rainfall totals the other day exceeded 2 to even 3" inches in some locations, getting near record values here and there.

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