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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Cloudiness Early, Otherwise Nearly Status Quo

Image: Bird of Paradise Bloom

SYNOPSIS: High pressure has weakened and looms over the Western Atlantic as a washed out frontal boundary fizzles over North Central Florida. Moisture from this boundary and land/sea breeze convergence over the eastern interior will trigger some rain showers and perhaps a thunderstorm during the day today. Temperatures to maintain their regime of recent days but slightly cooler, mainly inland, due to cloud coverage.

TODAY: Partly cloudy to occasionally cloudy with a light south wind. If we can get a land breeze going like we did overnight the temperatures will be significantly warmer right along the coast where the immediate winds off the ocean have had a big impact the past couple of days. But as of now, it does not appear that the pressure gradient which would normally provide a light SW wind will be overcome by the sea breeze. As a result, the high temperature today will likely be sometime around 10am along the coast (as it was yesterday) around 81 degrees.

There is a chance that some rain showers or even a thunderstorm could formulate any time after 1pm, but the trigger mechanism will be weak at best, so believe that for the most part most areas will remain rain free. That does not mean, please note, that it definitely will not rain. The chance of rain will be here...just where exactly it does so is impossible to say. The chance of rain as advertised on TV might be an over-rated 40% though. The greater chance will be over the interior and north of Orlando.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy and rain chances ending the further into the evening we go with a low in the low-mid 70s.

THURSDAY: Similar to today, but with even less of a chance of rain than today and an overall less cloud coverage pattern once one averages out the day. Temperatures a bit warmer during the afternoon as a result of there being fewer clouds around.

FRIDAY: The high pressure over the Atlantic restrengthens to extend its axis across the southern or central peninsula and joins forces with one that has been building north from the Yucatan. These two entities will be the driving force behind our weather for several days to come. That being...there will be no weather with nearly a nearly routinely normal temperature regime for this time of year, both for the immediate coast and inland...yawn....!

SATURDAY -TUESDAY: As relayed yesterday, another front will begin to enter the extreme SE U.S. during the weekend, but the high pressure will remain the dominant force concerning the weather around here. That said, expect light onshore flow during the afternoons with the resultant high around 80 along the coast and low-mid 80s inland. Over night lows in the low 70s.

As long as the ocean temperature remains around 73 degrees, that is what the low temperature will be for communities along route A1A, and probably a little warmer than that away from the coast. Highs will, as has been the painfully monotonous pattern, higher inland and away from those Icelandic ocean waters! Brrrr.

The good thing in all of this is that the coastal folks don't need to turn on their air conditioners other than to dehumidify the air a bit. Summer is just around the corner though.

Remember, some of our greatest hot periods are not in the middle of the summer but rather during the last week of May- mid June.

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