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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cloudy Today, Chance of Showery Rumbles Mainly South of SR528

Sunny Day Not To Be Found Over Most of the Peninsula of Florida
(Cape Canaveral Florida Sunrise Image)
TODAY: Mid-upper level impulse at the base of a large and to become a slightly negatively tilted trough with its northern most component later today near western Minnesota that extends to the north gulf is sweeping across the state today, with the trough axis to cross late today into tonight. Vast amounts of  high level moisture already at play as can be seen in satellite imagery (below)..but per KSC sounding ..south of I-4 mid level moisture is sorely lacking. Guidance is showing rain in some form or another mainly near and South of the Central Dividing Line along 528 west toward north Tampa Bay, mainly along the east 1/2 of the state after 2pm through sunset. 

Given the  sounding info this morning, not sure lapse rates in the mid-levels will be sufficient to generate that rainfall, but with a little heating and perhaps some dissipation of higher clouds although at this time not yet seen as being evident in the cards, thunder could be a real possibility  mainly south of 528 or SR 50 but more so near and south of Lake Okeechobee.

Otherwise, light wind today outside of any possible storms. Only downplaying what would've had the potenital to be a 'big weather day' if not for the preliminary cloud cover. Strong storms are not entirely out of the question, but will down play that potential today, at least at this early hour.

OTHERWISE: Primary frontal boundary from the larger trough is to pass down the state on Saturday, mainly dry south of I-10 as it does so (at least at this point), but accompanied by cloud cover to varying degrees.  Before that time, there is a bit of a 'dry slot' at this point to move in behind this impulse passing over head today, so Friday and even Thursday could be mainly dry except toward South Florida and the Panhandle; no hard set rules on that one yet though.

Temperatures to cool mainly along and north of I-4 on the east coast and toward South Tampa Bay on the west coast. Folks south of the Cape in All areas will hardly know a front went through, just like the one the other day resulted outcome that manifested. Front? What Front?....exactly.

No true 67F and below readings for the immediate East Coast south of I-4 (East of US1) is foreseen through Halloween.

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