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Friday, March 30, 2012

Warm and Pleasant, Storms Near I-10 Possible

Latest Visible Satellite Image Above: Strong Storms Possible in the Lavender Zone with isolate
thunder eastward to JAX near I-10 later today. Sea Breeze convergence showers and maybe a thunder interior north from near Ocala national Forecast and north. More widespread clouds, mainly north half Saturday with some showers and maybe some thunder toward east Central late afternoon.
TODAY: Another very pleasant day with SE-S winds at 10-15mph in store with some inland cumulus clouds and a few wisps of high level cirrus clouds, possibly more so very late day toward sunset. Latest satellite image shows storms as has been the case for two days near the Loop Current. Highs in the mid and a few  upper 80Fs interior and low 80Fs right along the East Coast where sea breezes prevail. There is a chance of an early evening sea breeze collision toward the north interior, but instability appears to meager at this time, and as forecast, to support much in regard to thunder.

SATURDAY: Winds become more SW-WSW on Saturday and quite warm particularly North Central to South Florida in the potential absence of an east coast sea breeze. Suspect high clouds might run along from I-4 and north producing more clouds than anything else with pockets of showers and perhaps some thunder more likely toward East Central as a frontal boundary of little regard (mostly mid-level disturbance) tries to swing by to the north. The best chance of thunder, if there is to be any, appears will be toward the east coast mid-late afternoon, although if high clouds are absent to the north thunder is possible as well toward I-4 if not yet further north. Rain chances to end by after sunset if not a bit sooner.

SUNDAY: Another boundary will swing toward North Florida with again a chance of showers, but thunder appears to be out of the picture.  Showers most likely toward the east side with westerly winds continuing and highs again in the 80Fs.

BEYOND: Frontal boundary could squeak toward Central but then slide eastward and out of the picture as the part low pressure area will be long gone to the north of Florida with a sub tropical jet stream reminiscent of last October late in the month steering in toward and across Florida. Not much change in temperatures with westerly type winds continuing across a drier air mass.

Another boundary may start to move toward Florida in the Wednesday time frame, but timing is quite sketchy in this regard.   

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