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Friday, July 5, 2013

Weather Pattern to Slowly Shift Out as TUTT Approaches

shown for South Florida and up the West half of the state

TODAY: Remains of a Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough (TUTT) will affect mainly the West Half of the State and into parts of South Florida, with some stronger storms shown in the red along and near the West Coast Mainly (first image above). Otherwise, deep southeast flow could bring some tiny showers as far north as the Brevard County (north) line but very haphazardly. The main weather today will be occurring toward the West half of the state, and South Florida, and the keys where early day rain has already fallen. Suspect many of the areas that saw the bulk of weather activity yesterday will be the same today which was from Sarasota and North along the west coast with lesser activity the further east one gets toward Orlando. Exactly how 'sunny' the beaches of the east coast will remain sunny for a sustained length of time is a bit questionable as we head toward early afternoon as satellite is showing more clouds and maybe a shower imbedded with them approaching in a few hours.

WEEKEND: Winds will gradually weaken a bit and  back more toward the east rather than be from the southeast with the approach of another upper low now showing up nicely on satellite imagery. This low is accompanied by colder air aloft and is solely an upper level feature working down into the mid-levels. At the lower levels it shows up as a mere ripple and small wind direction change. Preceding this low will likely be a period of drier weather. The greater impacts from this low will be not preceding it but afterward heading into Wednesday (perhaps)...then Friday and perhaps into the weekend as upper level steering becomes much more southerly to SSW-erly with time. This could place much of the state into a chance of thunderstorms and for a time South Florida might see some strong to severe storms as it passes by working north toward South Central Florida.

Visible Satellite Animation Imagery showed the sun reflecting brightly during the satellite pass..above we can see the upper level TUTT much more clearly as noted
"Yellow Mushrooms In Cape Canaveral"
BEYOND: Other than difficult to time coastal showers "east" and a chance of decreasing west coast activity heading into the weekend, a rather benign weather pattern sets up until about Tuesday (early).

After the TUTT (Tropical Upper <level> Tropospheric Trough) Low works toward Florida it might get 'hung up' as a continental trough works across the Mississippi River to the east coast. This will cause the high pressure ridge axis that is well north of Florida at this time to sink south toward Central or even South Central to South Florida come the Friday time frame  which will shift thunderstorm activity at least toward much of the I-4 corridor into Volusia County. Depending on how far the ridge axis is forced south much of the east coast north of West Palm could get into afternoon storm activity including Brevard if it gets as far south as far South Florida. Guidance varies from run to run and between models on what is to come about in that regard. Regardless, from Tuesday through next weekend the weather pattern will be notably different from that of the past few days of late.

"Mushroom Cloud Tops are Limited to Those Out of the Ground
in the Absence of Thunderstorms - East Coast"

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