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Monday, June 22, 2015

Isolated Showers - Inland Storms Possible - One or Two Briefly Strong

Monday Sunrise at Cape Canaveral

TODAY: Might see a bit more activity inland today over yesterday. There was some late night activity as thought might occur up by the JAX area and other activity around the Tampa area into early morning. Both of those areas have resulted in an imbalance in the spread of instability with a slow start to the CU field in some locations -- additionally there is a chance that both areas of activity have left a boundary outside the perimeter of them..which might act as a catalyst for storm initiation later today. 

Otherwise, there appears to be a bit more moisture today with both the RAP and NAM showing drier conditions over South Florida / South Central which is forecast to recover going into mid which time the east coast sea breeze will have made its greatest inland progress from West Palm and South.

Could be a late day collision east of 27 running from near the Polk/Osceola County line snaking north and east a bit here or there toward far western Volusia/Sanford/ Ocala / Gainesville give or take about 20 miles either side of that line. Most active period might begin shortly after 4pm... through dark... some lingering inland activity well past dark.

Areas being considered, though might have noted  SW Florida as well

TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: Daily basis analysis regime has set in. Little change over all foreseen, but moisture availability might be in question -- overall a pattern shift   emerges on Thursday becoming   evident over the weekend as steering currents take hold with a west toward the eastside component.

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