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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DST Ends As Very Cool Air Breezily Ushers October Out


TODAY: Another sunny day with light wind with temperatures similar to yesterday as a cold front moves toward the panhandle.

THURSDAY: Cold front to press down the state slowly during the day, somewhat dragging its heals across north Central to Central. That is the region most likely to receive any rainfall, with perhaps some 'elevated' thunder aloft (mainly near the west coast) with temperatures aloft being cold and some speed shear involved to manifest a lifting mechanism in the absence of much low level instability, likely due in part to increasing cloud coverage. (see graphic below).

Wind might actually become a bit northerly even before the front passes through. Rains could work into Central Florida during the mid afternoon to early evening mostly affecting the immediate east coast north of Vero Beach going into mid evening as the deeper moisture band wears thin going toward South Florida where little to no rain is expected. Could get quite windy in and near rain showers even if there is no thunder or lightning involved in the mix.

FRIDAY: Increasing NW winds as another surge of dry air will move in toward Sunset Halloween night. Temperatures will begin to fall more notably during the course of the mid evening and overnight through the 60Fs and into the upper 50Fs.

SATURDAY: Overall coolest to almost 'cold' compared to how things have been since early April with highs perhaps never breaking 60F along and north of a line from Central Volusia County west toward Brooksville. Further south  temperatures in the lower 60Fs with perhaps an hour or two toward the mid 60Fs (at best as it appears now).  Lows in the lower 50Fs much of the state though much colder North Florida where a range of 40Fs anticipated, and perhaps mid-50Fs along the intracoastal.  This weekend does not look at all 'ideal' for boating or activities along open water ways.

With sunset anticipate temperatures to fall much more quickly with drier air in place but with winds elevated especially along the coast mixing should keep the temperatures up a notch, though the windy conditions won't help much when it comes to 'comforting'.  Winds could be blowing in the 20 plus mph range on Saturday. This day will be well out of the norm from what we've been used to for quite some time.   


SUNDAY: Early one hour on sunrise but continued quite cool for this time of year. Lows in the low 50Fs to upper 40Fs (north) (colder North Florida), but winds to veer on shore by late morning to early afternoon. Sunday afternoon looks to be much warmer in the afternoon than on Saturday but still quite breezy and might begin to see onshore moving shallow stratocumulus clouds coming ashore at some point. The warmest location statewide might be from Canaveral (beachside) to Melbourne Beach (-side) then again near Miami Beach through the Keys.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Wind to become NE-ENE but continued maybe even breezier on Monday afternoon into Tuesday. Temperatures round the clock near the East coast in the lower-mid 70Fs, contingent upon cloud cover. Might see some light sprinkles come out of the clouds from time to time, but measurable rainfall totals not really anticipated. Would expect Small Craft Advisories to be in affect.

BEYOND: Winds to decrease slowly but surely with modified Atlantic air to continue. Temperatures mainly ranging through the 70Fs round the clock, only changeable due to periods of cloud coverage. Another front is shown to approach but at this point does not appear to have any or much influence. No other cold spells are foreseen beyond this week end really for quite some time. Might have to contend with more clouds than not though, especially once heating of the day begins with a deeper and steady onshore flow having resumed.

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