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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nicely Warm Most of Florida's East Coast - Rain Chances Finally Appear Next Week

Gigantic Hibiscus on the Loose

FORECAST THRU THURSDAY: No change from the post the other day. Surface ridge has sank south to near Metro Miami through the Keys during the past 24 hours. Shallow but strong low level inversion with moisture trapped beneath generated a good coverage of fog in some places, low clouds in other, early thru mid-morning across Central /South Central Florida which was quick to dissipate by 10AM.  Other than a few low topped skimpy-cumulus today, strong subsidence and SW-WSW flow from the surface and on up take inland temperatures on up to near those felt yesterday inland. The east coast along A1A may very well feel the low-mid 80s today as well, with a pocket or two of upper 80Fs or a 90F somewhere inland. A very late afternoon sea breeze might be felt only right along A1A or I-95 south of West Palm mid-late afternoon as 925mb flow at that level over South Florida is not as strong as over Central and North Florida, but either way it will be comfortable. More of the same tomorrow, although it appears that none of the immediate East Coast will receive a sea breeze. Additionally, with compressional heating still at play the forecast high temperature shown by the models might be getting under-played (they are showing low-mid 80Fs). In other words, expecting to see more wide-spread upper 80Fs tomorrow than today, and a few more locations reaching 90F with a WSW-W winds of 12-22mph during the afternoon.

THURSDAY/SUNDAY: Dissipating cold frontal boundary over the Deep South will essentially be sapped out as it skirts along the east coast of the state. The only impact on the state will be to end the all-day land breeze set up of today/tomorrow, taking afternoon coastal temperatures back down to upper 70Fs /low 80Fs, inland in the low-mid 80Fs. Very light afternoon sea-breezes and light to calm winds over night with little in clouds.

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Pretty big changes in store from Sunday night through into the first week of April as the synoptic scale blocking weather pattern of the past 10 days starts to break down.  To early to say with just exactly what/when the net affect will be realized over Central/South Florida, but based on the models trends over the past several days the rain/thunderstorm chances will appear in earnest beginning Monday, more so on Tuesday. Several other opportunities for needed rainfall appear throughout the first week of April as well. We should all be happy for the much needed rainfall as we enter the peak of Fire Season. All of us, that is, except the pyro (s) that has (have) been setting the fires across parts of the state. Apparently they find Brevard County to be of most formidable prey.  It seems there's always fires near Malabar/Palm Bay  or Port St. John/Canaveral Groves every season doesn't it?!

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