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Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Chance of a Strong Storm East Central

"Storm Outflow Approaches North Canaveral"
TODAY: Not much change today from yesterday although the day is starting out quite differently. A thunderstorm complex that developed over the Eastern Gulf overnight is spreading 'cloud debris' from its thunderstorm tops and mid-level fragments across Central Florida at sunrise this morning. Latest satellite animations dictate if all goes according to plan (and nothing changes) that the skies should begin to clear out by 1oAM (west coast) to noon from west to east, and maybe a bit earlier once the sun gets to doing its thing.

Otherwise, the frontal boundary per models is in agreement to be stretched east / west very close to or just north of the 528 Beach Line to Orlando then on toward just south of Brooksville on the west coast or maybe further north. Suspect this will act as a better mechanism for some 'squirrely' action (helicity) as well as more along the east coast east of I-95 if sea breezes can set up. Watch out for the 'squirrely action' when combined with cold air aloft!  

Also, there might be some remnant outflow boundaries hanging around from yesterday's activity. Further south, a disturbance was offshore the West Palm area over night so suspect this area might be in sustenance at least for the first half of the day. Also, the RAP/ and SPC Mesoscale guidance shows this area  over South Florida again to be quite dry through the mid-levels so showers might have a hard time down there once again, though sea breeze interactions from West Palm and north (and any outflow from activity further north) could act to bust a forecast bubble with a strong storm as well.

BEYOND:  Front might end up in the morning just a bit further south but we'll see. If so, best storm activity will be South Central and South Florida on Tuesday. Meanwhile, another disturbance will be coming across the Northern Gulf from the west on Wednesday behind the surface front. Looks like an over-running rain event could set up for North Florida then into Central mainly during the dark hours of Wednesday night into Thursday morning followed my much cooler temperatures to close out the week.

"Beach Outreach"

WEEKEND WEATHER is looking to be quite mild with mainly 50Fs and low to mid 70Fs but coolest at the beaches in the afternoons with a light sea breeze.

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