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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Possible Earlier Onset of Showers / Sea Breezes (Favoring East Side Late)

Like Angel Hair, Pileus Cloud Veils the Crown of a Towering Thunderhead

TODAY: A weak low pressure circulation will exist today near the Big Bend south to almost west of Tampa Bay along an old decaying frontal boundary trail partially responsible (in part) for the steering of Arthur the other day. This boundary  and low circulation will be in place on Sunday as well,  the circulation  possibly   moving to the east side off JAX by the end of the day then up the U.S. east coast. 

Otherwise, little aloft has changed with southwest winds  at the 'storm steering' elevation. The surface ridge axis has lifted a bit further north today which will allow the East Coast sea breeze to form sooner than yesterday (by noon-1pm).  Already, some showers are off Tampa Bay and others exist well off to the east of Volusia County which are moving away to the northeast. Often, when showers are near Tampa Bay before sunrise, that is a sign of earlier shower/storm onset elsewhere. Cloud cover probably won't be as prevalent over as many parts of the state at sunrise as was the case yesterday.
With plenty of precipitable water in the atmosphere, could end up being quite a bit of 'debris clouds' hanging around once the day gets rolling which could offset storm formation in several areas that normally might otherwise see them, but by days end, a lot of populace could end up getting wet one way or the other. 

Other than where some strange boundary mergers might occur over interior South Florida or over East Central closer to the east coast, (or further north along the Suwannee River Basin toward JAX)  most storms should be mostly a lightning threat with some heavy downpours and localized brief 'flooding' in a few prone areas (for mostly  activity after 4pm).

Singe Cell Storm works North up the East Coast Sea Breeze over "The Cape"

SUNDAY: Little change from today. Sunday appears to be a variation of SATURDAY with the steering from west to east beginning to weaken , making for even slower storm motions but with ample atmospheric moisture, should be a pretty good coverage except toward South Florida east side where the sea breeze might keep that area 'cleanly scoured out'.

BEYOND: Normal afternoon/evening thunderstorm and shower regime mainly away from the coasts with many days ending in overcast conditions due to storm debris clouds lingering from late afternoon to after midnight.

Ocean Waves on the Fourth of July  

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