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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet Summer Has Made A Late Season Return

(My cat got to this poor guy this morning. I'm releasing him back to freedom. Click to enlarge)

Man it's nice outside today. Nice and breezy, warm, with a chance of they say. I'm not buying into the last part all so much though. Looks like it will be almost like one of a type of summer day pattern. The type of day where the wind is off the ocean all day, lots of high level clouds, and low chance of thunderstorms along the coast. And such it is today.

A weakly defined 'warm front' lies draped across North/Central Florida which is pushing north and basically damping the last ripple of a series in the water from a dropped pebble. Its just sort of rippling and dying to become a non-entity by later today. In the meantime, a similarly weak cool front extends North/South across the central panhandle. It is by that boundary that all the weather will happen today.

The air mass over east central Florida this morning has moistened considerably since past days, but instability is highly lacking as is any low level forcing or convergence. We won't have the usual sea-breeze convergences today...and with no upper level triggers to manifest themselves it appears that what we see now is pretty much what we get for the rest of the day...given some variability in the cloud cover..and perhaps a very light shower..I just don't see cause for alarm today (as much as I'd like to be an alarmist). Let's face it, nice weather is nice, but change is bring on the storms!

Still don't see much reason to set the umbrella by the door for preparations tomorrow as there really won't be much change. We will remain entrenched in a sort of bland, duck soupy air mass which I suppose beats Cream of Mushroom...but without the spices and heating the air is just going to sort of blow around and not do much. Hopefully, I'm wrong...only tomorrow will tell.

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