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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Change Through Tuesday

Image: Severe Thunderstorm In Osceola County  (green sky!!)

BORING but NICE are the operative words for the day. No change in the current weather regime through Tuesday.

SYNOPSIS:  Strong high pressure over the Western Atlantic will remain the dominant weather feature the next few days. Anticyclonic circulation around this system will harbor SSE winds at 10-22mph during the day and around 10-15 mph over night.  A weak trough of low pressure will gradually sink into the Central Peninsula early Wednesday which will act as a focus for rain/thundershower activity from Wednesday - Friday.   Additionally, the strong southerly flow we've been experiencing of late will weaken and seabreeze collision type thunderstorms will be the mechanism to also trigger thunderstorms (much like during the summer months).  Yahoo!

TODAY: Breezy SSE winds of 10-23 mph with a high along the coast of 83 degrees and about 5-8 degrees warmer west of the Indian River. (about 3-5 degrees warmer west of the Banana River).  Skies will be sunny with nary a cloud in the sky.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear with a low along the coast in modified oceanic air of 73 degrees (in other words, right at the ocean's water temperature)...maybe a degree or two warmer inland.

MONDAY: Same as today...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TUESDAY: Slight increase in some clouds but otherwise no change to winds or temperatures.

WEDNESDAY: The boundary which is creating havoc in the Deep South and by now also in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. will finally sink into Central Florida. This will be the focus, along with seabreeze convergence from both coasts, for rain showers and thunderstorms.  These should be inheritantly generic in nature with the greatest threat being lightning (as is always the case with thunderstorms).

THURSDAY - FRIDAY: As of now..looks to be about the same as Wednesday as the boundary will wash out over the region.  Temperatures will be about 3-5 degrees cooler inland but remain about the same as they are today along the may actually get warmer along the coast as we will lose the strong onshore flow that has been continuous 24 hours a day lately.  Mornings will be nearly calm and partly cloudy with a light land breeze possible of 5 mph or less..afternoons will have an onshore flow of 10-15mph with, again, afternoon thunderstorms.  It will be like summer for the most part except the afternoon high tempeartures will be about 5-9 degrees cooler than our typical summer day.

MEANWHILE: Severe weather including tornadoes and flooding continues to plague Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Arkansas...this area will spread east and north today and tommorrow..and after today will be mostly a flooding threat for these regions...while Florida (except for the panhandle)..will remain high and dry until Tuesday...where the northern parts will be first to feel the affects of the weakening front (boundary) that will sink into the Central Peninsula on Wednesday.

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