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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stream of Weather Consciousness = Changes

The weather here on the earth's surface has many dimensions. The winds, the sun, and gravity dictate much  of what we experience coupled with the rotation, sun angle relative to the earths orbit, and pre-existing conditions of the past all add up to the present experience. Like our lives, the sum total of our past experiences and all those encompass manifest as the Now. Such as is the case with today's weather on February 4th all around the globe. The stream bed, the twigs, the rocks, the blocks where twigs and branches get stuck, and various depths of the waters combined dictate the birth of what will finally emerge as we see and experience it at any point in time anywhere , anyplace,....... as weather.

TODAY-MONDAY: High pressure is moving east of the state of Florida as well as to the north just a bit will drop  south in the next 48 hours as a cold front approaches. As such, winds will become easterly to southeasterly toward south into Sunday late...which will also result in an increase in atmospheric moisture. Although there will be little change in temperatures, with daytime highs coolest along the east coast due to the cool ocean waters this time of year..a chance of rain will formulate with this increase in moisture especially on Sunday afternoon through at least early Monday. At time, not expecting thunder due to the indication that upper level winds and thermal dynamics (thermodynamics) will not be sufficient to generate more volatile type weather.   Thus, showers are quite possible for much of the state, especially east central to south Florida on Sunday afternoon toward at least mid-morning Monday with partly cloudy to sometime cloudy skies possible. Otherwise, very un-winter like all things considered.

BEYOND MONDAY: The front appears will slip slowly south and then east of the state heading through Tuesday and beyond with little overall changes indicated beyond that of which has been the current state of affairs. However, there are hints of changes awaiting on the wings of noted in the previous dialog a while back...there are signals..that a chain reaction of events could harbor a change...potentially a bit volatile in nature..

LATER NEXT WEEK: Beyond this front to pass through in some sort of oblique fashion early week...the GFS long range assumption has been progressively and continuously pumping out a picture indicating that low pressure systems could form close to if not in the Gulf of Mexico. Such systems bring more dynamic wind fields, instability, and low level 'boundaries' resulting in storms and rain. Although no cold air beyond the norm is shown, it does show that rain will much more likely occur toward later next week ..thunder possible. Even this will have to be watched, especially Central and South Florida for a mini-severe weather chance heading toward the Ninth of February...but no guarantees.

BEYOND THEN: More of the change continues. Like a domino affect, the effect around the Northern Hemisphere occurs in all places, coupled with waves of change in the Southern Hemisphere...a chance of a severe weather outbreak could occur toward mid-February somewhere in the Deep South toward Florida. At this time, it is too far out in the great beyond to get down to specifics as to when and where or even If...but the overall indicators point for this 'new change' of changes to potentially remain in place. The low down and dirty is, we have had benign weather for a while..the bump is appearing to no longer remain on the log.

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