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Friday, August 15, 2014

Chances Of Hefty Storms with East Coast Sea Breeze Today

Friday Morning - Cape Canaveral, Florida

TODAY: No real need to go into great details as conditions similar to yesterday with two exceptions. One being cloud cover from earlier thunderstorms over toward the west coast is spreading eastward. Thinking is this cloud cover will move out or burn off during the late morning hours but also provide the impetus for east coast sea breeze initiation combined with the weakening frontal boundary that has been close to I-10 the past two days reducing the pressure gradient at the lower levels. The big question to watch for any activity at all is over east central if clouds do not clear out. With the possibility that they will, the graphic is marked as such with possibly heftier storms to occur with more lightning and higher rainfall totals  in the red area by the time the day is through. Some winds could gust to 40-45mph like in the past few days in the vicinity of the stronger storms.

YESTERDAY'S larger storms occurred from Southern Volusia southward to Palm Beach County, but the largest coverage of those ended up being just offshore as they strengthened on their way out to sea due to lack of any true sea breeze front making much inland progress (though there were some exceptions far south and in the general Sanford area).  

TOMORROW looks similar to today notwithstanding any other flies in the ointment such as the one for today with temperatures aloft expected to remain within 2 degrees of what they have been for quite some time now. Sea breezes to manifest otherwise with ample moisture and instability.

Storm Moving off North  Kennedy Space Center Yesterday

BEYOND: Storms again on Sunday with sea breezes active, but they become more sparse with rain chances going down for some areas and reducing yet even more through Wednesday. So far the better rain chances it appears will be over far north and far South Florida with a few isolated storms in between late in the day at the sea breeze convergence zone.

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