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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Probably the Overall Warmest Day of 2011 On Tap This Afternoon

"Go Fly a Kite!"
TODAY: Surface ridge axis has dropped further south to nearly the Florida Keys over-night. KSC morning sounding and area KSC profilers propose that the winds today to be from the WSW-W at 15mph with gusts in the mid-upper 20mph range. Warm and dry too with high temperatures this afternoon flirting with record high readings, although not sure we'll quite make it East Central. More likely to hit some lower 90Fs South Florida where the atmosphere is already drier to start out, and as such heat energy won't be used initially for going into evaporation. Probably some afternoon, fast moving cumulus Central of greatest extent North / North Central and far West Central. In fact, the Rapid Update Cycle model shows a shower or two this afternoon West Central Florida  (opt out).

TONIGHT: West winds continue tonight but decrease to the 8-15mph range by 7pm and beyond. Clear skies for the majority of the early evening through the night, with some low very clouds possible while everyone is asleep (except the 'paper boy').  Surface boundary will sink south of Central Florida between 4:30am -6am, continuing south, mainly off shore. Either way...this leads us to Friday.

FRIDAY: Not quite as warm after the boundary exits the picture, continued dry with a NW wind around 8-12mph during the afternoon under near clear skies. Highs in the upper 70Fs/lower 80Fs, a bit warmer South Florida. Cooler Friday night, mainly around normal. Lows along the coast in the lower -mid 60Fs, mid-upper 50Fs inland.

SATURDAY: Light wind, sunny, highs in the low-mid 80Fs, not too humid. Pretty much stellar. Coolest along the coasts with a sea breeze, around 78-80F.

SUNDAY: Could be that this will be THE warmest day of 2011! Highs in the low to lower end mid-90Fs South Central and South. Warmest on the east side of the state with reinstatement of west winds state wide. Beach side temperatures near 90F up and down A1A from Jax to Miami.

BEYOND: Changes in store, finally. Looks like some help with the drought conditions (which have spread over a broader expanse of real estate across South Florida) will be in order beginning Monday into the first week of April.  There has been indications that severe thunderstorms could be in the offing down the road around April Fool's Day out through the 7th April on a few days. Will be watching this aspect for sure, but  model(s) disparity and outside time frame from now is too soon to determine what form increasing atmospheric moisture will take, whether it be strong storms, rain showers, or merely cloud cover.

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