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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Showery Afternoon in Store - Some Thunder Mainly Well Inland

Crackin' The Sunday Morning Sunrise in Cape Canaveral
TODAY: Looks mostly like a 'showery' regime today with South Florida beginning to get worked over with cloud cover and showers. Low pressure surface circulation might be located SW of Orlando in NE Polk County up through nearly 5000 ft but wind all across Central is quite weak up through 20000 ft. Thunder might occur later today in from I-95 anywhere along I4 south toward Vero Beach where activity is more likely to affect the coast northward to perhaps Southern Brevard County. All in all best chance of thunder might be Orange, Northern Osceola Seminole, much of Polk and Lake Counties later today as that will be the last location to receive the rains today and thus have greater chances of becoming more unstable. Lightning does not look like it will be frequent though and probably short lived in any storm that can form.

MONDAY - WEDNESDAY: If guidance is correct per NAM/GFS trends then showers will be more likely to return to the east coast and beaches after perhaps some very warm and steamy starts to the day, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. A Low pressure region, so far that is, is to lift north and a bit west tonight and put must of Florida other than I-4 and north in a strong and stiff SW Flow aloft. Continued very moist as well. Showers and some thunder could pile up almost anywhere along the east coast later in the day on any one of these days but also occur many other locations earlier in the day or even in any location after around 11AM.

THURSDAY-SATURDAY: Better chance of lightning coverage and some stronger storms if GFS holds true to form, especially on Friday/Saturday as it is forecast temperatures at 500mb to cool by several degrees, courtesy of a migrant and weak TUTT low from the western Caribbean working toward Florida . Assuming this holds true that is. TUTTs are notorious for being rather unpredictable only a few days out in advance. Otherwise, see no reason to take showers and storm chances out of the outlook for many days ahead, perhaps up through even next weekend.

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