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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Ida the Indestructible" Haunts Puerto Rico

(waterspout near Shuttle Columbia...many years ago)
Thought the "I" word was over and done with? Well not so for the folks in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. "Ida the Indestructible" has carried its ashes into portions of the Caribbean. Remember the other day when I mentioned that the remnants would be way out in the Atlantic east of Miami (?)...well it didn't stop there. Flood watches are up for all of Puerto Rico for all of today. From last I saw...they are currently on their second wettest November ever up to this point in time of the month. Just some interesting factoids I wanted to share, now closer to home.

Might as well take yesterday's charts and run them through a copy machine, as today will be an instant replay of, wind, rain, and temperature wise. And while we're at it, save those dimes because we'll need them to run more copies for Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday as well. Low temperatures will moderate somewhat inland overnight, but the immediate coast will stay totally the same with the low between 68-71 and the high between 76-79. The high temperature each day is very much contingent upon how much of the clouds will be around during the noon-3pm hours. The more clouds..the cooler it will be. Tomorrow may actually be the most likely to be a degree or two cooler, namely because those high level clouds that have been mentioned to be moving in for days now may very well become a reality. We'll be under, or very close to, the southern subtropical jet stream branch which should spread a lot of high level cirrus clouds overhead thus shutting out the sun from its greatest beaming potential. These clouds will be a function of the jet stream itself as well as the deteorating frontal boundary to our west spreading the moisture associated with it (well aloft) overhead.

There actually is a cold front in the extreme western Florida Panhandle this morning, but it will never make it here courtesy of high pressure building eastward across the Gulf faster and stronger than the front can assert itself. Thus the high pressure will continue to reign supreme through Thursday. After Thursday things get 'fun' (or at least a tad more interesting).

Seems a low pressure system may very well start to form in the extreme NW Gulf in the next few days and move east along the Gulf shores area...finally migrating the cold front into the Central Peninsula Saturday through Sunday. No cold air behind this one...just a lot of clouds, maybe some rain showers, and brief wind shifts around every angle of the compass. But when all is said and done, by Monday we'll be right back to where we started. I think by Thursday morning the upcoming system will be much more worth elaborating on.

And yet further out?! The crystal ball is foreboding another not so great weekend in store (already assuming this upcoming one won't be)...this time in the form of much cooler/cold air (depending on what one considers cold). So there are some things to look into the future for...but for the next 3 days it looks like we're good to go.

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