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Friday, April 30, 2010

Prepare to Break Out the Sunscreen & On With the A/C

Image: The end of our full moon until next cycle
SYNOPSIS:  Return, anticyclonic flow around strong high pressure centered a few hundred miles east of Florida will result in a soggy, SSE flow across the state today resulting in mostly cloudy to occasionally partly cloudy skies and SSE winds at 10-20 mph. 
TODAY: Rain showers are not out of the question anytime after about 2pm but they should be no worse than moderate in intensity if they happen at all.  Thunder?  I see thunderstorms in the forecast but I believe that upper level temperatures will warm too much to warrant anything more than maybe a muted rumble at most despite all the available atmospheric moisture.  The warm air aloft will temper down any chance of a good rising parcel, thus precluding good vertical cloud build ups (thunderstorms). Heating of the day should only aggravate cloud coverage...and speaking of cloud coverage and SSE winds off the ocean....... 
......the combination of clouds and an oceanic trajectory of the wind will keep high temperatures limited to the mid-upper 70s today...a small notch cooler than yesterday.  The day will be everything less than ideal for getting a tan today due to the clouds and sticky feel to the air to boot.  Not to mention that some light rain could fall just about anytime between the hours of 1pm -10pm.  Pinning down a more exact time for rainfall is difficult at best given the time of day it is as of this writing (5:00am) and lack of any triggering mechanisms approaching the would harbor a more conclusive forecast. Vague is the word for the day!!
TONIGHT: Skies will clear over night with a low around 72 along the coast (temperatures moderated close to the coast due to the gradually warming ocean waters) the mid-upper 60s well inland and along the west coast.
THE WEEKEND: Break out the sunscreen and turn on the A/C!! Partly cloudy with perhaps an isolated inland rainshower Saturday during the peak heating hours. Otherwise, much warmer with a high in the mid 80s (let's say 83 along the coast and 86 inland) Saturday and mid-upper 80s on Sunday.  Lows in the low 70s. Goodness gracious.  Winds SSE-SE at 10-15 mph.  I'm hitting the pool!
EARLY NEXT WEEK: Continued warm as the 500mb heights rise as this layer buckles in response to a deepening trough to the west. As a result of height rises at all levels of the atmosphere (warm air advection aloft)...rain chances will be close to nil and temperatures inland will rise into the lower 90s inland..around 91-93 range..and around 86 right on the coast east of the Banana River (the ocean will keep the immediate coast a little cooler).  Heavens to will be just like early summer!
MID WEEK NEXT WEEK: Temperatures moderate a bit as the continental flow becomes more zonal in nature and heights begin to fall.  A boundary will be in the area Tuesday  through Thursday so we can introduce a low end chance or rain or perhaps a thunderstorm at this point.  Refinement for this period will definitely be necessary in the coming days.

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