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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Decreasing Rain Chances Begin Today and Beyond

Surface Ridge of high pressure is lifting north up the east coast and could be well north of Central Florida by tonight. Although steering is from the SW storm inition will be near the inverted trough already north of part of Central Florida
TODAY: The inverted/old frontal boundary combination is now being eroded both from the West and from the east by High Pressure. The boundary itself lies near I-4 and shows up slightly in the above image near where the red markings in the graphic are (indicating possible stronger storms today). South of the boundary is where the greatest instability lies, but there is no trigger. Orange areas could see thunder today in general with downpours and overall heaviest rainfall totals in part of Seminole and Volusia Counties (possibly).

BEYOND: Moist easterly flow becoming ENE-NE at times with little change in temperatures night and day. Showers and some thunder will mostly remain west of I-95 south of I-4, and near the coast early morning hours, with inland activity remaining possible through the weekend into next week. Another frontal boundary will be progressing eastward which is now taking shape, but so far it appears this too will wash out near where our currently boundary is located (near I-4) as high pressure reigns supreme over Florida.

Frontal boundary out west will bring MUCH cooler temperatures Nation Wide by early next week.

EXCEPT across Florida south of I-10 and SW Arizona. Only those two zones it appears will feel very little changes for at least the next 10 days.

By early next weened

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