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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Other than Tuesday, Cool but not "As" Cold

Forecast plot for 6PM Tonight  shows a High Pressure Smiley Center near Central Florida. To the north is, in very general terms, what we can expect to hear about: "Snows through Wednesday toward the Washington DC area, especially in West Virginia and Northern Kentucky and the Northern Plains" 
TODAY: This post is mainly a 'for continuity sake' post, as the previous post was last Monday. As noted previously, the highs on Sunday might not even crack 60F, and such as it was for the most part. Today's post is to continue  the cool streak as high pressure which was sliding along the northern Gulf Coast the past two days or so will sink into Central and be centered almost right over Cape Canaveral to Melbourne by late evening and remain such until nearly sunrise. Other than light to near calm winds near dark, clear skies,  dry air, and very cool temperatures with a high in the lower 60Fs (South) right near 60F (beaches Central and North), and low 60Fs and maybe a mid 60F briefly interior most of the state, not much else to say.

TONIGHT/TUESDAY: Frontal boundary now showing up (above) across Texas will move quickly east along the jet stream flow and enter Central Direct around 7AM Wednesday morning. Before then, another cool evening in store with some mid-upper 30Fs possibly interior area and potentially some frost with a quick warm up by mid-morning toward noon time with highs in the low-mid 70Fs (especially the south 1/2 of the state) with a SW wind of 12-18mph in the afternoon...but continued dry and mainly sunny. Tuesday will be the most 'choice' day for a while now, until maybe Sunday.

WEDNESDAY: Front goes through Central and proceeds further south at or just before sunrise with a band of clouds and perhaps a few rain drops on the wind shield while temperatures are in the mid-50Fs to lower 60Fs, but really expect mostly cloud cover as the atmosphere is so dry now that any rain to fall might evaporate before reaching the ground. Most if any rain will occur prior to sunrise, with quick clearing over Central by noon time..with NNW winds following and cool, with a high not to far off from today, perhaps a degree or two warmer.

THURSDAY: Another cool morning, likely much like tomorrow morning will be, and cool in the afternoon with highs in the 60Fs.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY: High pressure moves off the US East Coast north of Florida and a gradual east flow develops with air mass modification ensuing. Expect this to become first evident in the early wee hours from the Cape and South when over night lows drop little relative to those inland and toward the west coast, with as much as a 15F degree difference, for example, for Cocoa Beach verses West side of Orlando. The warmest 'mourning' and overnight will be right along A1A and east of A1A Friday through Sunday mornings, with lows elsewhere going into the 40Fs but much closer to 60F right on the beach. The warmest day foreseen after Tuesday is Sunday and beyond . Given how far off that is, it should be no surprise that the GFS cannot figure out if around the 17-19th we will see another cool spell.

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