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Friday, July 18, 2014

Much Drier Air, Zero Rain Chance Most Areas - See Southeast Florida Today

"Heart of the Sunrise"
TODAY: Precipitable water values through the atmospheric 'weather column' (PWAT) are below the July norm today which will result in mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies today but continued warm inland away from the sea breeze. The only depth of moisture is found along the southeast Florida region and up the east coast but to a smaller degree north of Ft Pierce. Best chances of rain today, with perhaps an isolated strong storm or two over interior toward the east side of Broward and Dade County and perhaps around the Eastern Side of Lake Okeechobee , though if so, it would have to be a random chance instigated by unpredictable chain of events from local lake/sea breeze boundaries.  Most areas, the air aloft is warm and lapse rates as a result are pretty much the pits for storm generation (especially Central Florida).

Bloggers overall 'impression' of today , not to be construed as certain.
Thunder most possible from the NE side of Lake Okeechobee and South

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Mid level low opening to a trough to be moving through parts of the Deep South and the southern extent of the Mississippi River Valley basin where best moisture resides. The GFS IMPLIES this moisture will work into Florida as it rides over the crest of a ridge axis in the far Northern Gulf of Mexico (GOM). This moisture 'might' reach Florida going into Sunday with a significant increase of thunderstorm activity if that is the case (based on the latest 06z (or 2AM Eastern time) model run.

BEYOND: Not one but two more frontal boundaries are shown to move through the Central and Northern U.S. this week. Each one will shunt the Atlantic Ridge axis progressively southward to far South Florida toward the Florida straits placing all in in SW Flow aloft. Getting toward the end of next week is too far out in time to trust in any model run, but that trend has been implied for too many consecutive model runs to disregard. The net result could be a number of things depending on what evolves as far as where best storm chances will exist, but back to the norm of afternoon thunderstorms one way or the other is the overall implication favoring interior and east side most for late day activity and more toward the west side for earlier day (in general) though some 'early onset' days might be in the cards as well heading toward Thursday.

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