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Monday, August 11, 2014

Early Onset of Storms Again Today

Storm Clouds Hover Over the Florida East Coast Sunday Afternoon

TODAY: As anticipated not much change today from yesterday. Sea breezes might again not develop north of the Ft Pierce to Rt 60 near Vero Beach area, especially if activity zips from west to east too early in the afternoon at locations from I-4 and north. Otherwise, KSC sounding shows a slight cooling at 20,000 feet and below that much is the same. More cloud coverage over the state today might offset translation from shower to thunderstorm capacities north of I4 in some areas for late morning,  but otherwise most of the same rules apply today with stronger activity after 2:00PM toward the east half of the state and offshore for marine interests through 7PM.

"Super Moon over Canaveral During Sunrise"

Some areas near the east coast could see some showers pop up prior to when the west coast sea breeze instigated storms arrive and if so that   would stabilize the local environments in those areas. On the other hand, those showers could set up or off a boundary for another location near by to have a slightly stronger storm than would otherwise be the case. Watch to the western horizons for approaching storms and for towering dark bases of clouds over head or close by no matter where you are today. Those often indicate that a storm is forming over you.

BEYOND: Tuesday looks like it might be a bit more dry other than over North and parts of North Central but will play it as it comes as has been the approach lately. Overall, it might not be until Wednesday when a sea breeze is more likely to work as far north as Central Florida East Coast but even so, steering continues to be from west to east, just like 'the good ole' days.

Unfortunately, there was 2 fatalities late Sunday  from the storms that went through due to those outflow winds.

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