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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

"The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course".

Monday, February 9, 2015

Rain Today - Cold and Colder Yet Still Friday through Monday Morning

Cape Canaveral , Sunrise in February
TODAY: Busy schedule this week weather wise with rains already in progress along the West half of state and parts of South Florida as increasing cloud cover will spread across all of the state through mid afternoon (parts of South Florida doing a bit better). Chances are there will be no SpaceX Launch later today as a result. Otherwise, rains to begin and with very little let up once they do through dark tapering off into mid evening as low pressure exits off the east coast and strengthens. Residual cloud cover might be slow to pull out along the east coast.

TUESDAY: Cooler with northwest winds in the 15-25mph range possible with highs barely eking out the lower 60Fs. Some lingering lower clouds might be near the east coast for a time.  

WEDNESDAY: A cooler start to the day in the upper 40Fs to lower 50Fs and continued a bit breezy with highs in the lower-mid 60Fs. Another Front is on the way.

THURSDAY: Wind much lighter with another cool start in the mid-upper 40Fs inland to near 50F coast but warmer in the afternoon into the 70Fs ahead of the next front that will go through dry.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Next front to go through right after sunset with much colder NW winds on its heels. Lows will need adjusting over time but looks like widespread mid-upper 30Fs to lower 40Fs with possibly some freezing to near freezing in areas like Lake County - Ocala area and north. Might have wind chills advisories out for Friday morning

FRIDAY MORNING/AFTERNOON: As noted above, much colder to near one of the coldest we've had all season and continued much colder all day long and breezy with highs well down in the 50Fs (perhaps) if not upper 40Fs from a North Brevard County line to Brooksville on the west coast and north..   

SATURDAY: Another chilly start with a slight warm up, but here comes the "hum dinger' of a front per the GFS. If so, as another front to go through early evening with gusty northwest winds advecting the next surge of cold air down the state.

SUNDAY MORNING: Coldest day so far of the season since November last year with much more widespread freezing to near freezing temperatures and many areas seeing mid-upper 30Fs as well, possibly to the coast. Details will become more refined with time but it's not looking very fun, and the cold continues all day into Monday. So far some upper 20Fs might be possible northern interiors but really too soon to say just how cold it will be at this point.

MONDAY: Possibly, if the trend continues, widespread frost/freeze alert. Winds are to let up significant as high pressure passes just to the north which might up for a good 'drainage flow' situation. So far guidance would dictate only frost in some areas, but given the situation suspect the GFS might be underscoring the potential that lies ahead for a cold drainage morning, but warming in the afternoon with light wind.

TUESDAY: All over and pretty quick warm up commences. 

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