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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rapid Clearing This Afternoon, Much Cooler through Friday

Storm Moves in on a Canaveral Marina Tuesday, Cape Canaveral Florida

TODAY: No change from previous post. At time, it is still raining lightly at this location but clearing is coming in a big way later today accompanied by drier and colder air. But before that time, the actual cold front is nearly knocking on the door. .. as can be seen below. The front will be crossing Brevard County as a reference point between 6:45 AM through around 7:30AM on the way to clear the state well before noon time with a rapid temperature drop by as much as 20F degrees over the first hour or so after  'fropa' abbreviated way of saying, 'frontal passage'. 

Clearing of the skies is a bit lagging, however, and some light rain to perhaps a drizzle like condition could well follow the front for several hours while the colder air advects in; therefore, do not anticipate the first half of the day to be very pleasant at all, but conditions will improve rapidly sky wise this afternoon for the most part from west to east.

From the NWS, Melbourne, FL LDIS Plots Web Page showing temperatures at 6AM

Infrared imagery shows the sharp clearing   anticipated
 in the previous post off to the west of the state at 5:45AM
The dashed line is a guess on about when that clear air will arrive, but low clouds linger until that time
THIS AFTERNOON: With clearing there might be a very brief warm up to the lower or 'maybe' a middle 60F, but it will be brief for as the sun sets so will the temperatures descend. Temperatures this afternoon will mostly be in the middle to upper 50Fs as winds blow from the NW at about 10-18mph, and could pick up more once the skies clear   and heating tries to mix in with the equation of cold air advection  from the NW. A secondary front will edge on by over Thanksgiving which will go by un-noticed but for the chance that the wind will back toward the WNW a bit before it goes through.

THANKSGIVING: Clear with lows in the middle 40F's (interior north), through upper 40Fs to near 50F at the beaches. NW-WNW wind around 10 mph picking up to 15-20 mph gusts in the afternoon for a time but rapidly dying off inland after dark. The wind might remain a bit elevated though east of the intracoastal due to mixing primarily from the cold air advection with the warm air above the waterways. Highs in the lower to mid-60s; warmest South Florida and South Central, with only lower 60Fs north of I-4 for the most part.

FRIDAY: Colder yet still in the morning as the second front will have cleared the area. Lighter wind though as day works on through with interior north lows in the lower 40Fs in some locations, more widespread mid 40Fs though to upper 40Fs near the beaches. NW wind around 10-15mph with highs in the mid 60Fs.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY: Both days are very similar as winds begin to swing around to the north and then northeast to ENE on Sunday. Both evenings all weekend the winds decouple inland overnight to near calm to 5 mph while at the coast they might remain up just a bit. Slight warming trend along the east coast overnight Saturday especially notable at the beaches by Sunday morning. Morning lows at the beaches could be in the lower to mid 60Fs with highs around the lower 70Fs with mostly clear to partly cloudy pancake stratocumulus clouds occurring here and there but no rain in sight (for quite a while).

MONDAY: Temperatures return to 'normal' round the clock from Monday through most of the rest of the week. It's quite some time before another cold front is being foreseen, and even rain chances are close to zero until around perhaps Saturday.

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