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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Chwill Factor" Sunday - 'Very Cool' into Tuesday Mid Morning - Thanksgiving Outlook

Mid - Week Sunrise, Cape Canaveral

TODAY: After some early morning 'fog and low clouds' in some areas (but not all), sky should clear greatly to reveal a high in the upper 70Fs with a light NW wind going into the afternoon. For the most part, today will be the last of the 'near normal temperature' days until Wednesday but it will be a real beaut-of-a-day. Mainly clear to near clear sky with a continued NW wind with a temperature around 76F  in place for the Atlas V Launch scheduled for 5:42PM.  See link below:

Atlas V Weather Satellite Launch Information

TONIGHT: First 'big' cold frontal chill of the season statewide with a 'wintery bite' to pass down the state from early evening through 6AM followed by much drier air on the wings of breezy conditions for a time into at least mid-Sunday afternoon. Granted, by later in the season this will be considered 'the norm', but the first time might take a bit getting 'accustomed to'. Lows will be a good 10F lower than we've been seeing (if not more), and accompanied by wind as well will add to the 'chwill' factor.

SUNDAY: The front is slated to be directly across Central Florida in the 11PM - 2AM time frame, to be roughly across a Titusville to North Tampa Bay region at midnight tonight.

 Behind the front a NNW-N wind will pick up to the 18-25mph range with higher gusts  and falling temperatures.  Thus, Sunday morning will be the first morning since last winter that has a Wind-Chilly ('Chwilly') bite to it.  

Warmest morning temperature  will be found east of I-95 if not even US1 from Cape Canaveral south and around to the south end of Lake Okeechobee, with temperatures there in the mid 50Fs range (a bit warmer South Florida) with temperatures in the upper - mid 40Fs further west. Lowest readings near Route 27 west of Orlando shooting north through "The ONF' (Ocala National Forest region). Shooting for a 56F in Cocoa Beach (e.g.).

Highs Sunday ranging around the 67F mark across Central but cooler further north and more toward the lower  70Fs far South Central/South Florida.

MONDAY: This will possibly be the coldest morning yet still, though wind will have died off significantly, probably even by sunset Sunday evening. Wide spread mid-upper 40Fs with drainage flow and prime radiational cooling in place though upper 30Fs not out of the question will inland in low lying protected areas, though again the warmest areas might remain in the lower 50Fs range , mainly east of US1. 

High  on Monday again in the upper 60Fs mainly, but should be a very fine day with light wind.  

TUESDAY: Again, another very cool start to the day warming into the lower-mid 70Fs as wind by now will be from a light NE component, probably by early afternoon. Wind swinging more assuredly around to NE-E overnight Tuesday night will assure the immediate east coast will not fall down into the 50Fs range for quite some time to coming, beginning Wednesday morning.

WEDNESDAY: If you like what it was like on Thursday and/or Friday (for example) ...Wednesday will be similar with a better likelihood of some cloud cover commencing on the ever re-moistening atmosphere with easterly wind blowing across warmer ocean waters.

Full Moon of Fame Over Florida

THANKSGIVING: Chance of more cloud cover yet still but overall temperature around normal, with lows inland in the 50Fs and more toward mid-upper 60Fs at the beaches at sunrise. Highs in the mid-upper 70Fs.  Appears a very weak frontal boundary might slide by late day into the evening but for the most part go unnoticed with little effect to the overall scheme of things other than a slight backing of the surface wind toward the NNW-N.

Canaveral Turkey

BEYOND: Though a few more 'weak frontal' boundaries might slide by in the next week most so far appear will go by generally unnoticed . Some minor shifts in wind direction will be about the only hint they passed by, which could mean some cooler mornings at the coast than other days. Otherwise, continued dry with 'seasonal' temperature ranges.

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