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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Change, No Fun

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Hey, chasing is what is all about. Even the comics think so!

Blah ad naseum. Another day of the same old song and dance, which really is pretty nice except it is kind of breezy along the coast. But other than that not much to say for today nor tomorrow as far as that goes. The first hints of changes to come is Friday when surface winds will begin to veer toward the southeast ushering slightly warmer yet ocean surface cooled air. Regardless, late Friday into Saturday will be warmer, especially Saturday. After that there are 2, count em 2, trains of thought.

1) a front will pass thru with little fanfare other than a wind shift and drier air; or

2) it's a return to the rainy season. As the high over us now moves out a low is forecasted to form over Cuba and move north to join the impinging front. In fact, the mess from the south is to be worse than the frontal activity. But the whole ca bash runs together over Central and South Florida...especially the east half on late Sunday and all of Monday. Monday might be downright raincoat weather all day if this scenario plays out.

For now I'm favoring the first one though as the second option is a new one way out of the trends of current and of past model runs. So I'm following the golden rule which is "stick with consistency until you can see the whites of its eyes".

And while we're at it, it seems that a wide area of the country is going to be in the offing for at least some 'weather' for a while now. In fact. it looks like a very progressive mean-five-wave pattern over the Northern Hemisphere is setting up nicely, meaning lots of changeable weather across the Plains, the Southeast, and up the eastern seaboard particularly from VA to NY. And the tropics are going to start humming in the Eastern Atlantic (a big perhaps). So we have a HUGE mixed bag of elements to focus on. The evolution is currently in progress in the S. Plains this late evening(early morning if one is on the East Coast). I'm interested to see what will come out of all this in the coming several weeks if not longer across the aforementioned areas, and what type of weather everyone will be experiencing.

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