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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

SUMMER BEGINS 12:38 PM EDT - Small Chance of ISO-Strong / Severe Interior North/Central - Very Warm All Areas

Sunday Rising! Port Canaveral, June 21
TODAY: Summer begins in just 23 minutes from time of this typing celestially on Father's Day at 12:38PM EDT.

Also, there is a chance of some isolated (perhaps very isolated ) thunderstorms today, to severe-near severe limits due to wind gusts. 

Slower start and less cumulus cloud field could yield to another very warm to hot day with heat indexes close to criteria statement status. Model guidance across the boards and radar simulations all show much less activity today, and mostly no severe storms either, but regardless will take sea breeze convergence into account and call their bluff. The Meso-scale Analysis page has rather high values as of this hour (based on the RAP model) of Micro-burst Potential over north Florida, something to watch. There is also a hint that just perhaps we might end up seeing some night time activity along the east side of the state from near JAX south toward Sanford/Mims well past sunset toward even midnight. Such can occur, but is rarely ever actually forecast -- but worth the mention

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Guidance has changed a little bit in regard to storm coverage by upping the interior rain chances back to what it was like the past two days across the interior with perhaps some activity moving off the east coast mainly north of I-4. 

Some stronger storms again possible all days with the temperature profiles being depicted and the less than overly saturated atmosphere in place allowing for dry slots in the mid-levels to permit more rapidly descending /cooling air masses to plummet earthward and spread out in all directions.

Storms over NE Orange County Country Saturday

LATE WEEK -NEXT WEEKEND: The trend continues as relayed in the previous post that activity might make  more "forward march!!" toward the east coast with increased steering currents -- unlike today where steering is close to NIL, but apparent motion if anything could form would be propagation along boundaries or activity being directed by boundaries remaining from yesterday.

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