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Friday, February 5, 2010

Menacing Mid-Atlantic Mid-Winter Menace

(Image: radar as of 12:55pm EST)

As mentioned earlier, there would likely be a blog update posted. For the most part, surprisingly, one is really not needed. So this will be brief. If you haven't heard by now, the areas around the nation's capitol is in for 1-2 FEET of snow, and the store shelves have rapidly emptied in preparations. Turn into the news or can't miss but hearing about it.
Locally, the only feature that stands out in my mind at this time is that the surface winds across all of Central Florida are remaining backed and are not veering toward the SW just ahead of approaching line of storms. Winds just off the deck are increasing as well. Noticed a gust of 40 mph out of due south last hour at Clearwater just ahead of the line. Therefore, expect even stronger than anticipated low level helicities stronger than previously thought. If we had good (meaning very unstable) thermodynamics across the area today we'd probably be in a tornado watch right now. But such is not the case...therefore, no changes to previous thinking. Timing even remains pretty much on cue. Our main threat will be strong wind gusts if one happens to encounter a storm. Remember, just because the threat is real does not mean it will happen right where you live. One can experience very little other than some rain, whereas just a few miles away all hell could be breakig lose.
The lower cloud deck moved right on in is as expected, and such will be the case sky wise for the rest of the day. Some rain showers are popping up across Central Florida to the south which are rapidly moving off to the ENE...but it appears those will remain south of the immediate area, but S. Osceola County, S. Brevard, and Indian River Counties will probably get a sampling of this activity.

Otherwise, still expecting the worst of the weather to be approaching-- if not occurring-- between 5-7pm across most of East Central Florida. The Orlando area of course will be in 'it' 1- 1 1/2 hours sooner.

Anyone with at least a little common sense might want to tune into Channel 13 or 9...or The Weather Channel if you don't have a S.A.M.E. Alert'able' Weather Radio to keep abreast of the latest...particularly after things could get pretty active in these parts by late afternoon. It's worth noting though, on the brighter side, that little to no lightning activity is being detected at this time that will impact Central Florida in the very near term. Most of the lightning is heading to the West Coast south of Sarasota. This area though needs to be monitored as it might be just what kicks things into high gear as it moves just north of due east. Hence, for the more immediate area, it might be the south 1/2 of Osceola and Brevard Counties (and points further south)...that experience the meanest punch later today. But like I mentioned, if things start to look nasty the local channels will likely be covering the event live as things unfold.

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