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Saturday, April 9, 2011

TODAY- COWS in Iowa!!

Past big events
in Oklahoma

A Quick Comparison Of the NAM Forecast DSM 21z Hodograph With Past Big Tornado Events in Oklahoma
Consider other hodographs today as well because although it might appear at first glance that tornadic storms would be most likely only when the
hodograph shows vertical shear that veers strongly with height, such storms are also possible when
Fsct 12z DSM Hodograph
the hodograph is relatively straight. Considerable streamwise voracity may be present with a
straight hodograph if storm motions lie significantly to the right of the hodograph. Such deviant
right motion is commonly observed with severe storms, especially isolated supercells. In straight
hodograph environments, the effect of vertical shear is to shift the storm's precipitation core onto
the downshear side of the storm, where it then tends to suppress and eventually split the updraft
(B E. W. McCaul. Jr.. Steve Lazarus. Fred Carr)

See the Crazy COWS grazing (Cross Over Winds) from 850mb –700 mb  level winds over Western Iowa, NE Nebraska, and SE South Dakota at 21Z? And the extreme high Energy Helicity Index values along the upstream backed winds axis running over and to the east of DSM (Des Moines).

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