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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Similar Pattern To Saturday, Pattern Breaks Down More Late Tuesday

"You Got A Problem with That?"

TODAY: If you had a problem with yesterday's weather over parts of Florida in the rain department (or even if it was dry), then you might have a problem with today, as the pattern looks similar. Weak low pressure circulation through the mid levels over the far NE Gulf of Mexico and parts of the Southeast continues with the ridge axis suppressed somewhat to the south and east of Central Florida, with an axis running across Lake Okeechobee. Winds are already southeast over far southeast Florida which should prevent thunder from affecting the far Southeast area in the afternoon.  Skies this morning appear per infra-red satellite imagery to be rapidly clearing in many areas during the past hour or two over many areas prior to sunrise. 

The better chances will be where greater moisture and a WSW-SW steering flow exists south of I-10 and north of the north shores of "The Big Lake". Storm motions won't be strong enough to offset the east coast sea breeze though, which became quite strong as far as sea breezes go yesterday afternoon, at least across Brevard county, where white caps were on the ocean once it fully set it.

Most activity that is on the 'stronger side' will be along to west of I-95 more than likely, but could propagate back toward the east coast late, and possibly repeat what occurred last night, especially after and as the sea breeze relaxes and begins to retreat back to the east and offshore.

Images from 530AM Shows Rainstorm clusters moving away from the coast and rapid clearing

BEYOND: One more day of a 'similar pattern' (but not exactly), but by Tuesday things will change to prevent most east coast areas to received late day rains.

 It also appears a tropical wave well east of Cuba could circulate around the ridge building in by that day, and could bring a boost to moisture across South Florida (at least), but time will tell, it does show up on satellite imagery, and the GFS hints at a moisture increase mainly across South Florida this day, which would mostly impact SW-W Florida late in the day.

Otherwise, most days will see activity restricted to the inland areas as steering is too weak no matter what direction it is from to offset sea breezes; where the sea - lake breezes meet in convectively favored areas will be where the best chances of rains to fall will occur. 

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