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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Queen Irene To Reign Supreme With A Mean Scepter

Without evening having to be seen on satellite Imagery, Showers and Gusty Squalls
Are Working From South To North. First Bigger Rains Have Already Occurred As Far North As Sebastian Inlet

QUICK UPDATE: Rains are appearing on the Melbourne radar like magic as the "Queen Bee of The Seas", Miss Major Hurricane Irene, moves NNW. In this direction of motion, the storm is essentially paralleling the Florida Coast. Currently, the center of circulation appears to be off shore Dade County. The storm is moving NNW at an average of 10-13mph and this motion is expected to continue through the evening hours. At this pace, and given the showers still over South Florida with Irene getting a bit more organized on satellite imagery, South Central to North Central Florida could have a rain chance in place through dinner time Thursday.  It is likely there could be a big lull in the action from time to time.

Winds this afternoon and tonight at all times will be strongest right on the sea shore and along the intracoastal waterways. 

TAKE CAUTION... when driving to or from one Barrier Island to the next, especially while crossing the bridges. Winds could be stronger at that slightly higher altitude...and they will be cross winds.

Although rain, some heavy at times, seems fairly likely at this point given what has already transpired further south, it will not be a continuous rain...or so it seems...nor will it occur everywhere.

The Wind could gust over 40mph easily in the showers, especially during the first line or two that moves through...before dark today. These showers and squalls will have the added benefit of heated air below to rush winds to the ground. Gusts right on the beach, in locations along A1A particularly in wind tunnels created by tall condominiums could reach tropical storm force but generally will be in the 35-40mph range.  I suspect that after dark the winds at  the times of rain will not be as strong on a consistent basis, but rather will be reserved for only the most deviou,s heavier, and much more isolated activity that might happen to rotate around the crown of Irene to the shore. As you can see below, The Queens Troops are marching in toward the coast ..rotating into mainly South Central At this time..but each pass of the wand will yield fresh recruits.

RADAR SAMPLE FROM 3:45pm 8/25/20011. Melbourne Radar.

At this time, it appears the rains will cease to exist first over SE Florida..working north with time. With the last of the rain over for good over Far East Central sometime between 2pm -8pm Thursday..although, it could be actually much sooner. It is hard to say, since it is also hard to say how much development Irene will take on. Winds will also back from NNE to N to eventually NNW-NW later today through tomorrow as Irene Careens on through and heads toward the North/South Carolina Border Area.

On up the line, Irene will get involved with a trough, resulting in heavy rain storms along the entire Eastern Sea Board from  NE South Carolina to Maine, gradually weakening with time. It looks like the heaviest combination of wind and rain will occur in North Carolina into Eastern Virginia and toward the Baltimore Area. Beyond that time, Irene will lose, to a small degree, pure tropical characteristics as it interacts with the frontal boundary, but nonetheless remain a wind and rain maker clear up to the Canadian Border.

Irene is taking a similar track to that of Hurricane Gloria in 1985.

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