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"From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds." - Job 37:9.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5

Made my first post just 10 minutes ago and still trying to get the feel of this Blogger, so things should improve with time. The photos above and to the left are from Monday in Cape Canaveral near the Manatee Park. Never posted any pictures from yesterday as there was nothing worth taking a photo of after driving into Osceola and Orange Counties. I got into stuff going thru Eastern Orange County after it suddenly shifted out of NW Brevard..but it was already in a rapid weakening phase. Originally was thinking of heading toward Kissimmee as that's where a 4 way collision was imminent..but opted not to because it was too far, time of day/traffic/location, etc...and visual clues showed that newer stuff was going up south of the northern stuff. On radar it looks like movement, but in reality it was propogation. Just noticed that the NWS was surprised there were no Storm Reports from yesterday considering how radar looked. My guess is that anything reportable probably occurred where few folks live (if that's possible around here...LOL). But the stuff I was on was about the strongest at the time I was on the road based on radar loops upon returning home from Wx-Tap. The worst happened over the St John River Valley Basin in NW Brevard County west of Titusville which in layman's terms is defined as "swampland" and in another cluster along the Indian River/Osceola/Brevard County Intersection...which in layman's terms is "no man's land".
For now, though, I went ahead and posted some photos from Monday, August 3 taken in Cape Canaveral near the Manatee Park off A1A. Today's forecast will be posted later this morning after "currenter" (if that's a word) data becomes available as it's only 4:30am at time.

From last nights data though, today looks about the same as yesterday with ever so subtle differences as you'd expect since no 2 days are exactly the same. The sig change seems to be coming beginning later Thursday as ridging develops at all levels leaving us in an onshore flow regime with 0 thunderstorms on the immediate coast.

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